Jay Cousins
Spokane, Washington

In December and January, I had a showing at Barili Cellars.
Check out the images that were on display there!

"Photography: The mix of art, craft and science for the creation of images on a light sensitive surface (such as film or a CCD)." (as found at: A pretty good definition of the act itself.

I'm an eclectic (indiscriminate?) photographer; if a subject catches my attention, I'll photograph it. Like anyone, I have some preference for certain subjects: scenery (especially the Palouse), flowers, people I know, meet, see, cats and dogs, the rest is a mishmash of subjects that I liked at the moment of taking the photo.

These images have varied uses; as decorative prints, graphic elements for a room, visual art, commercial uses. What is currently included is only a smattering of the images available... more to come.

Why yes, all of the images are for sale... thanks for asking. Most everything can be printed as large as 16x20", many even larger. I offer inkjet images printed on 8.5x11" museum quality rag paper for $50 (actual image size varies), which includes shipping (U.S. and Canada only; other countries, please write for pricing with shipping). Each image is signed.

Copyright: All images are copyrighted by myself. Please don't just help yourself to them and then use them as you please. Thanks.

Jay Cousins
524 W. Euclid Ave.
Spokane, WA 99205
Phone: 509.328.8680

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