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It's hard to know just what to write here that would be of value to you, the reader. I'm just an about-to-be-60-year-old guy whose spent a good deal of time exposing film. Mainly, I just take photographs to please myself, not clients or for any of the usual commercial reasons. I was fortunate enough to be able to eke out a living for several years doing this selfish type of imagery, along with the rare commercial effort. Living here in Spokane, WA, since the fall of 1977, cheap living in an impoverished area, let me live as irresponsibly as I could have wished for… so I did.

It all finally crashed and burned in 1990: too much self-indulgence for far too long. The ride was over and I was barely rescued from becoming a homeless statistic by a friend who made room in her garage and basement for me, my two cats, and Sam, my dog, along with a small mountain of belongings. It only took me three more years to regain some ability to function in a less self-destructive way.

For the past ten years I've been involved in local civic-duty efforts, along with becoming an ok web developer. The photography has suffered, I went from nearly having a style back to just being a competent record maker (you can judge the level of competency for yourself). Then, in 2003 I purchased a digital camera. Suddenly I was free of the monetary and process restrictions imposed by film. Digtal images are certainly different than film images, but it is all photography. So I've been shooting and shooting, making up for lost years and lost images. In the last year my images have begun to please me again, nothing spectacular particularly, but steadily statisfying.

All photography is a lie, of course; there may be some truth in an image, but the capture of depth and life into two dimensions of flat, dead, representation is essentially phoney. What I find amusing is that this phoniness can be made to resonate on an emotional level in another person. And then there are photos that are just plain old lies... like the one at the top of the page. Really, a video grab with clouds stripped in later, it is years out of date. I'm balder, fatter and older, but it is still the way I see myself. (I still have the sweater… not that it fits.)

You'll have to decide what this site is about; I certainly don't know. There are plenty of images, and some ramblings and rantings. Have at it.


Jay Cousins
524 W. Euclid Ave.
Spokane, WA 99205
Phone: 509.328.8680

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