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The Palouse country of Eastern Washington is a consistent visual treat. Having been "discovered" in the last ten years or so, there are now various organized tours that visit several time a year. Those of us lucky enough to live near the Palouse understand what a treasure trove it is, and we are constantly seeking those special pieces that are unusually beautiful or simply extraordinary. Here are just a few of the hidden, and not so hidden Palouse treasures that I've found.

A brief word about "Sky Creek": Occasionally, I will manipulate an image for effect. This is one of those images. The straight image is nice enough, but I saw the potential for an image that was more about the emotional response that I was having… this is my attempt to bring those emotions closer to the surface.

Harrington - Electric Hotel Rear Grain Silo Steptoe Hwy 27 Barn 1 Little Road
Palouse Afternoon Palouse,  Late Afternoon Warner Road Barn Peone Prarie Winter Barn
 View from Steptoe Butte at Sunset Remains of the Day Rosalia Bridge and Wheat Field Sheahan Road
Siding at Albion Sky Creek Spring Field, Winter Wheat Steptoe Butte, February '05
Steptoe - Goose Shaped Field Steptoe Road, February '05 Steptoe -  Sensual Fields Red Barn at Sunset
Steptoe View 1 Steptoe View 29 Sunset Trestle Turnbull Barn 1
Palouse Rail Line in a Dust Storm

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