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Driving around Washington's back roads

From Washtucna to St. John's:
Driving Washington's Back Roads

To roam the backroads of Washington state's central plateau (scablands) is to revisit a bygone era brought to life. Add to this, a remarkable landscape that was formed over 10,000 years ago by a series of catastrophic floods, and you have as unique a visual experience as one could ask for.

The area represented here is on the eastern edge of the scablands, where they run into the Palouse country. This transitional countryside, dotted with fading farm towns, has intimate valleys where the farmer's efforts create green and gold fields (depending on the time of year), between basalt cliffs and outcroppings that show the bones of the earth breaking through the topsoil flesh. The light, early or late, ignites the landscape, etching it like laser cut model train scenery, revealing every minute detail.

Cow and Clouds Entering Winona Farm Scene 1 Hay Bales and Blackbird
Modern Golgotha Sunset Hills north of St. John Tunnel Entrance Washtucna Cattle

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